No doubt, this version offers many brilliant features but users have to use this app with care and always make sure to download the modified version from a trusted source.

Of course, users can run both versions on their devices comfortably.

Although the modified version is free of cost and doesnt demand a single penny. However, users have to be careful because some websites contain hidden charges. That is why make sure to install this app from a professional web page.

Whenever users migrate from the official version to the modified, they dont need a backup because their data remains unchanged.

There are dozens of features that prove that the modified version is much better than the official version. Such features include enhanced user privacy, various download options, zoom into profile images, view hidden stories, and others.

Although updated features are launched whenever official instagram offers some new features. Our publishers check the updates and then launch instantly.

Yes, users can log into their favorite instagram account via Facebook.

Usually, there is no official help center for customers, but some online communities & forums are available to support users. Meanwhile, do not forget to make sure you are getting help from a reliable source.

We recommend you create a personal instagram account because you can set it private without any struggle.

Unfortunately, business account holders can not turn their accounts private.